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What Is Python? Understanding Them : Pythons are relatively primitive snakes belonging to the subfamily Pythoninae within the family Boidae . Boidae , in turn , is one of 11 families in suborder Serpentes , The Snakes . Within the subfamily of pythons , arboreal pythons with heat-sensing pits along their lips (green tree pythons) are grouped seperately from terrestrial pythons that have heavy bodies and short tails (blood pythons) . Each different type of snake eventually ends up with two names , one for the genus and one for the species . When isolated population exits that are still identifiable as the same type of snake , a third name , the trinomial , is added .
The term primitive indicates that these snakes were some of the first snakes to evolve . Primitive snakes display features that link them to lizards . These features include a rudimentary pelvic girdle in the form of cloacal spurs , and lungs of equal sizes . Advanced snakes , like the rat snakes and whip snakes , have only one functional lung and no cloacal spurs .
Pythons are divided into about 26 species , depending on which authority you accept . Pythons range in size from very big (Burmese and Reticulated pythons with the potential of over 20 feet and over 200 pounds) to small (Children's pythons do not get much bigger than 24 inches '61cm' in length) . No matter what the size , they are all constrictors . Some burrow-hunting species have developed novel ways of using thei coils to catch prey within the confines of a burrow but they are still constrictors nonetheless . Most pythons are nocturnal hunters and some species have heat sensory pits along the edges of their lips to aid in finding warm-blooded prey .

Pythons Versus Boas : Many people don't know the main difference between boas and pythons . Boas are termed ovoviviparous , this means their eggs inside the females are surrounded by a membrane instead of a hard shell like pythons . So when the boa babies born , babies break through the membrane to crawl away . Pythons are oviparous , this means the eggs are surrounded by a thin , parchmentlike shell . Female pythons will coil around their eggs and stay with them during the incubation period .

Life Span : Over 20 Years But Much More In Captivity .

Their Orginal Habitat : Africa , Asia and Australia , North America (A Little Amount) . All python snakes are tropical animals  They won't live under the temperature 22C (77F) . Under this fact the areas that they live must be near the deserts or tropical places like amazon . But mainly you can find them Africa , Asia and Australia , North America (A Little Amount) .

Pythons As Pets : Pythons can be good pets if you care them enough .

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