Ball Pythons
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Commonly known as the Ball Python or Royal Python, Python regius is native of Western Africa. Pythons are constrictors, which means they wrap around their prey and squeeze them. Contrary to popular belief, Pythons, (or any other constricting snake for that matter), do not crush their prey to death. The snake squeezes it's prey only enough to compress it's lungs, stopping it from inhaling. Consequently, the animal dies from asphixiation, or lack of oxygen, not from being crushed.

Ball Pythons have a lifespan that can reach 20-30 years with the record being 48 years old at the time of death. "Balls" have the ability, if properly cared for, to be a wonderful pet for a good part of your life.

Much smaller than it's relatives, the Burmese and Reticulated Pythons, which can exceed 20 feet in length, the Ball Python averages about 4 feet in length. Occasionally, a female can grow to reach 6 ft., but only on rare occasions do they exceed this length. "Balls" definitely do not fit the "Giant Killer Snake" image that most people think of when they hear the word "Python".

The Ball Python gets it's name from the way it coils up into a ball whenever it feels threatened. "Balls" are very docile snakes. MOST seem to enjoy being handled and will rarely, if ever, bite. I would recommend getting a captive bred specimen as opposed to one caught in the wild. Among other things, captive bred snakes are less likely to bite and are more used to being handled.

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